Title: Loving Lizzy
Author: Cassie Colton
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Medical Romance

Release Date: June 4, 2024
Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

Pediatric doctor Michael Harris embarks on a humanitarian mission, only to be kidnapped by rebels, leaving his pregnant wife, Elizabeth, to face the challenges that unfold in his absence. As Elizabeth gives birth to their son Conner while Michael is held captive, tragedy strikes when Conner succumbs to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome four weeks later.

Enduring the pain of her husband’s captivity and the loss of their son alone, Elizabeth is shocked when she receives a call from her doctor with a devastating diagnosis: breast cancer. Fearing the possibility of history repeating itself, as Michael had witnessed his mother’s battle with the same disease, Elizabeth decides to face this battle on her own.

When Michael finally reunites with the woman he loves, he is determined to convince her to fight for herself and their future together. Will Michael be able to break through the walls Elizabeth has built around herself and inspire her to join him in the fight for their shared happiness?


Tears fell from her face, smearing her perfectly made-up persona. He took her hand and led her to the couch. After searching the disorganized condo, for Lizzy’s standards, for tissues, he finally brought out a roll of toilet paper. He picked up the papers and set them beside him as he picked her up and sat her on his lap.
“Is it another man?” he asked softly. Afraid if she said yes, he’d lose it, yet needing to know. His OCD ex-wife was off her game, and he wasn’t leaving until he knew the truth. His hand automatically swiped the tear running down her cheek as her eyes remained fixed on the documents.
Lizzy stroked along his jaw as she shook her head. “I’d never do that to you.”
“But you don’t want to see me anymore. What isn’t working?” He held the makeshift tissue while she blew her nose. He noticed the paleness of her face and the dark circles under her eyes as they flitted to the items beside him.
Michael’s gaze followed hers and landed on the pages. His eyes glossed over the words and stopped at “breast cancer.” He swallowed down the lump in his throat as he faced her. “Are you sick?” His heart raced as he watched her startled gaze meet his.
Her silence confirmed his fear.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” he whispered.
She rose up from his lap and walked across the room. Her hand fiddled with the longer strands of hair on the back of her neck from her pixie cut. “I didn’t plan on telling you. I intend to face this alone. I don’t want you to stay, especially now.” she whispered as if she didn’t want to say the words aloud.

Cassie Colton is a best-selling and award-winning author of romantic suspense, military, and contemporary romance. Always an avid book reader and storyteller, she worked for one of the happiest places on earth. There, she found her love for making magic and happily ever afters.

The Serenity Mountain Series begins her author journey, detailing the lives of former military men and women who have lost their way and found peace on Serenity Mountain. Like in every story, her characters have to fight through adversity to find happiness ever after.

Like life, Cassie writes about character struggles that sometimes become dark before they see the light, but she always provides a happy ending. She believes everyone deserves to find happiness and love because it is the only thing worth fighting for.

She now lives in Virginia with her wonderful family and service dog, Leia. She enjoys gardening, flowers, cooking, and learning about beekeeping.

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