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When do you send your media kits/packets out for events:

All our media kits/packets for events (cover reveals, all blitz events, and blog tours) go out the Friday before the event begins. Only in an extreme rare occasion there might be an event that’s held back but then we’d send it as soon as we could.

What’s in a media kit?

We strive to provide you with everything you’ll need to make your own post, copy and paste a post for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We also provide you with HTMLs for WordPress and Blogger. In addition, we provide banners size images for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for ALL events. Graphics such as the ebook cover, author photo and teasers are also included.

For blog tour, when do we know if we are on the tour/the date of our stop?

It’s extremely rare we limit blog tour spots. If you signed up you can assume you are on it. If there is a tour we were limiting anything we’d make that 100% clear in the sign up form. We send out schedules as soon as the tour is filled.

How do you send ARCs (advanced reader copies)?
We send ARCs out two different ways:

  1. Using a service called Book Funnel. When the ARC is ready to send the reviewer will get a secure email from Book Funnel and be able to choose the file type they want (mobi – kindle or epub – all other readers). You will typically have 5 days to get your copy of the book. The email address Book Funnel uses is We also follow up with an email to let you know the book is on its way.
  2. NetGalley widget/link. NetGalley is a free service for readers as well. It requires you to open an account with them. We suggest you fill out the profile with as much detail as you can and provide in your profile the direct review url links to your blog, Goodreads, Amazon reviewer profile and any other site you post your review on (eg: Facebook, Instagram)

When do you send ARCs?

As soon as we get them. We encourage authors to have them to us a month in advance but sometimes that doesn’t happen. However, we will keep you updated if a book is late. On those few occasions when an ARC is sent out too close to the tour start date extra time is given for posting reviews.

Do you ever send paperback ARCs?

It’s extremely rare. The cost for an author would be a lot.

What is your review policy?

  1. We ask that a reviewer posts their reviews on the day of the event they signed up for. Not prior.
  2. We ask that you post your review on your blog or leave a link to your review on your blog so that your followers, the author and us can easily find it.
  3. We ask that you withhold a review that is 3 stars and below for the event date(s) but do not discourage you from posting after the event.
  4. We have a three strike rule. If you fail to follow through reviewing a book when you signed up and we can confirm with Book Funnel/NetGalley that you received the book we will remove you from our list(s).
  5. We ask that you communicate with us if you are going to be late with a review. We totally understand things pop up in life but ask that you let us know.
  6. We ask that you let us know if you will be giving the book a low rating so that we can mark that down and not assume you are MIA.

How can I learn about new events and review opportunities?
There are three ways:

  1. Join our main blogger list. Here’s the link: 
  2. Join our blogger group on Facebook: (you can also grab packets and graphics in here as well)

When do you send newsletter?

We try to do one a week for new/open events and one every other week for our review/library books.. Sometimes there are more but we are mindful that no one wants their inbox filled with a ton of emails.

How can we get in contact with you?

Feel free to email us at for any reason.

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