#Release Blitz Pain and Redemption By Kat Kenyon

#Release Blitz Pain and Redemption By Kat Kenyon

Title: Pain & Redemption (Blood & Iron Warriors: Book 2)
Author: Kat Kenyon
Genre: College Sports Romance

Release Date: April 25, 2019
Cover Designer: Shanoff Designs
Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

How do you fix something that’s broken?
In the moment she walked away, Tyler understood what he should have done. He’s desperate and willing to do anything for her, even let her go.
Rayne loves him, but knows it takes more than sorry to heal, and she’s dealing with a far darker threat than a broken heart.
Not everyone deserves a second chance, but some loves do.
Notice: Pain and Redemption is for readers over the age of 18.
Be aware that this book is the second in a series about the same couple. The story includes sexually explicit scenes, adult language, and issues related to abuse, violence, and sexual assault. Please keep this in mind as you purchase for yourself or others.

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Kat graduated from Cleveland-Marshall and Oregon State, go Beavers! After first attended University of Oregon. Go Ducks! As a political science major. Lord help us.

As a child, she constantly had her face buried in a book, and loved mythology, religion, politics, and a plethora of other areas depending on her mood. Not much has changed.

Everything is interesting and everything informs her writing. When not fighting to get her arm back from her cat Akasha, or trying to figure out what her talented hubby is up to now, she lives in Starbucks, depending on her rewards card.

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[New Event] Killer’s Choice by Dee Stewart Release Blitz Sign Up

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Special Agent Jackson Barrington was hired by Jeff Williams to kill his wife Eden McBride while he was working undercover to bring down a dangerous drug cartel. After killing Williams and saving Eden’s life, he later crashes Michael Stone and Eden’s wedding and reveals his true identity. With Eden safely married and happy at last, he flies home to Barrington Ranch in Dallas to visit his beloved grandmother Devon Brooks Barrington on New Year’s Day. Hours later she dies in his arms after sharing a bizarre prophecy with him regarding a woman who will fall in love with him. Not just any woman. Lily Stone Beaumont.

Lily Stone’s perfect marriage was just a façade. After suffering a humiliating divorce which results in her ex-husband Adam Beaumont being awarded custody of her son AJ and her retaining custody of her twin daughters Allie and Alyssa, she moves to her hometown Marysville, California, in order to start a new life. However, her ex’s increasingly disturbing behavior concerns her, and she begins to investigate him.

She’s not the only one investigating Adam Beaumont. Special Agent Jackson Barrington just caught a new case…


[NEW EVENT] Justice for Aleta (Bluegrass Bravery Book 2) by Deanndra Hall Release Blitz (with review option)

[NEW EVENT] Justice for Aleta (Bluegrass Bravery Book 2) by Deanndra Hall Release Blitz (with review option)

Event Date: July 9th
Genre: Military romance & romantic suspense

Who’s worse than Wyatt Earp? An Earp wanna-be with a really big gun.

That’s who Kentucky State Police Trooper Jack Fletcher discovers he’s dealing with when he happens up on a deadly two-car crash one foggy morning and finds two dead men, a dead infant, and a seriously-injured woman on the side of the Bluegrass Parkway in central Kentucky. There’s just one problem. When he spotted the accident initially from the other direction on the parkway, he was sure there were three cars.

But where is the car? Who was the mysterious man driving it? And why would he kidnap a 17-year-old girl? Jack goes back to the source—the woman he found on the side of the road—and Aleta Culp confirms the suspicions of the man she’s come to think of as her guardian angel. Jack’s charmed by her innocence, impressed with her tenacity, and ready for the sweet, soft, curvy body she offers him. But when she identifies the wanna-be outlaw, keeping her safe from an up-and-coming cartel leader will only be possible with help from San Antonio FBI Agent Cruz Livingston and Texas Ranger Daxton Chambers. They know the threat better than any of their Kentucky counterparts, but even that may not help.

Loaded with a love that’s hotter than sin, suspense, drama, and a criminal element short on intelligence but long on treachery, Bluegrass Bravery: Justice for Aleta is a triumph of a woman whose losses drive her to be braver than the men around her. The story is built around an actual accident that took place in Kentucky in 1983.

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[NEW EVENT] Bluegrass Bravery: Shelter for Sharla (Book 1) by Deanndra Hall Release Blitz (with review option)

Event Date: May 14th
Genre: Military Romance & Romantic Suspense

Welcome to La Tana del Lupo. It’s a deadly place to be.

The college student who shot and killed a Kentucky State Trooper on the side of the highway committed “suicide by cop”, and the bullet that ended her life came from Trigg County Sheriff Carter Melton’s gun. He wants some answers, and so does her beautiful, grief-stricken aunt, Sharla Barker. On top of being insistent that the Tamara Kent she knew would never kill an officer, Sharla’s also insistently pursuing Carter, and he’s definitely not playing hard to get. His battered, aching heart needs the forgiveness she offers him and the passion she ignites in him.

The medical examiner’s weird findings, an odd tattoo, and an even stranger on-campus rally prior to the shooting begin to point in a direction that Carter could never have imagined. Before he knows it, he’s working with San Antonio FBI Agent Cruz Livingston to uncover a threat never before seen in far western Kentucky. It’s a criminal element with only one thing on their minds—money—and they’re determined to find it. It’ll take multiple agencies and some help from a very unlikely source to bring the case to a close before someone dies in “The Den of the Wolf.”

Built on an actual crime that took place in western Kentucky in 2015, Bluegrass Bravery: Shelter for Sharla is an over-18, panty-melting tale of undying love, suspense, crime, and dedication as officers from Kentucky and Texas work together to save Carter, the woman he craves, and the two kids she loves, while bringing those truly responsible to justice.

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[NEW EVENT] Forbidden Seduction (Forbidden, #6) by R.L. Kenderson Release Blitz (with review option)

Event Date: May 28th
Genre: Paranormal Romance

As the only child of a cat-shifter and a human, Demi Cross has always lived between two worlds, always feeling alone. As long as she can remember, she’s been warned to hide her identity from those who wouldn’t want her kind to exist.

But hiding is easier said than done. With her unique biology, she has needs unlike any human she knows. Once a month, her body requires a partner in only the most carnal way possible.

And tonight, she’s on the prowl.

When Saxon Einar spots the naïve human in the middle of Club Seduction, his instinct is to protect her.

But he senses something different about Demi, and it’s not just her fierce attitude.
He soon realizes she’s anything but ignorant.

Passion between the two of them ignites, leading to much more than one night. When danger comes for her, Saxon wants nothing more than to keep her safe—and to show her that she’s always had a place where she belongs.


[New Event] Sin and Discipline by Lily White Blog Tour (with review option)

[New Event] Sin and Discipline by Lily White Blog Tour (with review option)

DATES: May 20th to 24th
GENRE: New Adult Romance

Lennon Carter first saw my face with his hand around my throat.

Shock widened his eyes, starbursts of anger for what I’d done.
That moment should have been the last of us; our beginning and end.
Fate, it seems, had other plans.

A dedicated musician, Lennon would become my mentor, my shadow, my protector and nightmare.
We were two discordant notes that somehow blended with perfect harmony.
Challenged to become a pianist as talented as him, I became Lennon’s SIN, while he became my DISCIPLINE.