[NEW EVENT] Nell and Lady by Ashley Farley Release Blitz

[NEW EVENT] Nell and Lady by Ashley Farley Release Blitz

DATE: Sept. 19th
GENRE: Women’s Fiction

A heart-stirring novel of family and forgiveness from bestselling author Ashley Farley.

In her grand home in Charleston, Willa Bellemore raised two girls during the tumultuous 1970s. One was her daughter, Lady. The other was Lady’s best friend, Nell—adopted after the sudden, heartbreaking death of her mother, the Bellemores’ beloved maid. Willa showered Nell with love and support, all the while ignoring the disdainful whispers of her neighbors. After all, they were family. Nell and Lady were sisters at heart—sisters who vowed to never let anything come between them.

Then, on the night of Lady’s sixteenth birthday, something went terribly wrong, sparking painful secrets and bitter resentments that went unspoken for three decades.

Now Willa is dying, and Lady and Nell—each with a teenager of her own—are brought together after all these years. It’s Willa’s last wish. The time has come to confront what happened on that fateful night. But it may take a tragic twist of fate to reconcile the past and come to terms with the true meaning of family.


[NEW EVENT] Chasing My Forever (Beaumont – Next Generation, #3) by Heidi McLaughlin Release Blitz

[NEW EVENT] Chasing My Forever (Beaumont – Next Generation, #3) by Heidi McLaughlin Release Blitz

It is highly suggested that the previous books in the Beaumont – Next Generation series have been read prior to reading Chasing My Forever.
Please note that ARCs may be limited. As soon as we know the final list we will contact all to let them know. We appreciate your understanding.

Event Date: Oct. 9th
GENRE: Contemporary
(temporary) SYNOPSIS:

Quinn is finally ready to take center stage, maybe even jam a bit with 4225 West.
Standing backstage is Nola. The one who holds a secret that could rock Quinn’s world.


[NEW EVENT] Who by Megan Mitcham Blog Tour Sign Up

[NEW EVENT] Who by Megan Mitcham Blog Tour Sign Up

DATES: Oct. 4th to 8th

GENRE: Romance/Thriller


A billionaire in high heels. A relentless stalker. A chance rooftop meeting. Her choices could send everything crashing down.

Billionaire Larkin Ashford is fiercely independent, but even she has to admit her fashion empire was built on the backs of brides. When her company has the opportunity to go public, her board of directors won’t pull the trigger unless she settles down. A series of threatening messages aren’t making her decision any easier. As she retreats to her rooftop hideaway to clear her head, she finds herself imprisoned in the strong arms of a mysterious man who thinks she was about to jump.

Despite her friends’ warnings that her wannabe savior could be her stalker, she can’t get his body off her mind. Determined to find the truth, she searches the city for her mystery man and discovers a dark secret that could bring everything she’s worked for crashing down. With her empire in danger, she’ll have to uncover the truth before her fortune and her life zero out.

Who is the first standalone novel in a pulse-pounding psychological thriller series. If you like headstrong women, steamy chemistry, and twists you won’t see coming, then you’ll love Megan Mitcham’s high-rise romantic thriller.

Buy Who to live the high life with a sleek, sexy billionaire psychological thriller soon!

Cabin 12 (Rock Point, #2) by Freya Barker Promotional Blog Tour Sign Up

Cabin 12 (Rock Point, #2) by Freya Barker Promotional Blog Tour Sign Up

We are going “Old School Blog Tour” for Cabin 12 by Freya Barker.

Event Dates: September 24th – 28th
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Even at thirty seven, with a challenging but rewarding career as a paramedic, Bella Gomez is treated as the baby of the family. It’s made her allergic to anyone meddling, so she chooses to keep mostly to herself. Unfortunately that doesn’t stop her family from inserting themselves in her life. Nor does it deter the one man she knows she shouldn’t get close to from showing up on her doorstep.

Jasper Greene, an FBI agent with the La Plata County field office, doesn’t even know the meaning of family. His team is his family, which is why—when his boss asks him to keep an eye on his baby sister—Jasper readily complies. Even when the sister in question is a spectacularly developed princess with plenty of attitude.

With a shooter on the loose and corruption running rampant, Bella is a magnet for trouble, and Jasper finds himself with his hands full—in more ways than one.