Review Library Inquiry

Review Library

1. We will send one broadcast message to the members of our Goodreads group inviting them to review your book

Members of the group will have one week to request to review your book.

ARCs will be sent via Book Funnel

Reviewers will have 4 weeks to read and review. We require posting of reviews to Amazon and Goodreads

2. Tracking Reviews

Maintain records of which blogger/reader completed a review Establish deadline for review at time ARC is distributed (4 weeks)

A reviewer will not be able to review more than two books at a time an they must send their URL links to their review(s) in order to receive a new book from us

3. Notify author as reviews become available

Please note, many reviewers will opt to not review a book if the rating will be below three stars. This is a practice that we encourage, but we cannot ensure that will always be the case.
  • This means - can a reader pick up your book and not need to read any previous book(s) in a series to review. If the answer is no then we suggest adding the previous book(s) first.