Event Date: Oct. 6th
Genre: Romantic Suspense

That night is the darkest he’s ever seen. But there’s something darker.

Working cleanup at a simple accident puts a beautiful tow truck driver in Braden Nichols’ path. He’s instantly attracted to her, and he’s thrilled to find the widow has two boys, teenager Daniel, and eight-year-old Max, who is special needs.

Tanna Hilliard’s heart is captured by the gorgeous firefighter who’s so patient and loving with her kids. Finding love is hard but with Braden, everything is easy.

Then she disappears. Time ticks by, temperatures drop, rain pours, and everyone’s given up except Braden. If he doesn’t find her soon, it will be too late.

They say it’s always darkest before the dawn. One firefighter hopes that’s right. One shadow can bring in the light. And one small boy who loves PEZ also holds the key to the mystery in one word.


Set in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Shelter for Tanna is a testament to a mother’s love and a firefighter’s determination to keep his newfound family together. Some men might give up. But Braden? Never.