This book stands alone.
Event Date: May 15th
Genre: Sports Romance


I don’t trust him.

Who’s he? Wesley. The guy who mugged my parents and then somehow, spectacularly, ends up becoming my brother. But in reality? He will never be anything to me. Unfortunately, accompanying the arrival of Wesley is Jacy. She has run the streets with him and follows him to my parents’ home. Raised by my dad and stepmom, in the small town of Silver Springs, I won’t allow my parents to push these strangers on me as my family.

They aren’t welcome, and especially by me.

Jacy Walker has her own tales of horror, but I have no interest and no desire to help her unravel or deal with them. Starting my new job, I don’t want anything to do with the changes she brings to my life, even as I can’t deny the unwanted attraction between us. That is until I figure out who she really is and what she is really doing there.