Event Date: Aug. 24th
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Seventeen years of buried secrets and a divorce stood between them.

It started with her estranged father’s murder.

The last thing LA detective Gabby Woodward needed was the custody of her entitled half-brother.

She was jaded and overworked. A nurturing soul she was not.
And he was a reminder of “him.”
Her ex-husband.
The man who crushed her heart and trampled on her love.

Ex-mercenary Declan Roarke had hit rock bottom.
His new assignment mentoring teen actors was the gateway to hell.
And the last thing he needed was to be near his ex-wife.
The woman who trampled on their vows and ruined his ability to trust.

Working together exposes feelings for each other that never died.
It also uncovers the betrayal that tore them apart.
And a deadlier conspiracy threatening all their lives.