DATES: July 17th to 21st
GENRE: Romantic Erotica

The woods are getting dark, and I’m in the middle of nowhere looking at spending a cold night outdoors. Suddenly, the smell of wood smoke lures me through the thick fog to find a magical, tree house hideaway.

Through the window, I see a vision that enchants me – a gorgeous young woman taking a bath. She’s hiding away from something all alone out here in these woods, and I’m going to make sure she doesn’t hide from me.

With one look at those rose petal lips, luscious curves, and the gun she’s pointing at my forehead, I’m suddenly not only her captive but completely captivated by her.

I’ll keep her safe.

I’ll chase away the demons that left scars on her body and mind.

I’ll teach her what it means to be mine, one lesson at a time.

The first time she obeys my command, I let her know what a good girl she is. Only, this clever, wounded young woman doesn’t believe she deserves me as her protector and runs away to a place I’ll never find. I can’t save her from the monsters in her mind, or the very real ones trying to find her, if she won’t accept me as her guardian.

What I do know is, once I find her again, I’m never going to stop feeding my addiction for her. She’s mine, my body burns for her, and I’m not giving up until she understands I’m her Daddy Dom forever.

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