NetGalley Form


Start/stop dates will vary.

When the book is live on NetGalley We will send you the link so you can review it and share it.

NetGalley Requirements

1. You have a 13-digit ISBN number

2. The book cover is the first page of your ePub or PDF file. The interior file is 40MB or smaller (20MB for Kindle--Be sure to look at our optimization guidelines, which will also help you meet those file size limits)

Price and options:

$50/month (this price is for a single title only + curated reviews)

Book five (or more) months at one time and receive one month FREE (it's like a punch card at the coffee cart, only way cooler)

READ NOW Option: (instant download of book/no request needed)

2 week spot: $20

30 days: $30

6 weeks: $45

Additional Items Needed:

Cover in highest quality (please name it the title of your book – same goes for your book file)

Read our blog post on NetGalley (includes information on READ NOW and FAQ about our NG Co-Op): HERE
  • Type N/A if you do not have one.
  • Starts with 978- This is a required item from NetGalley. ASIN is NOT allowed.
  • If the book is indie just add author name.
  • If the book is indie just add author name.
  • If you provided an ISBN number for a paperback please give that price. Otherwise, ebook price is acceptable.
  • Remember to give reviewer credit. Not required.
    Below are the category options as they appear on NetGalley. We HIGHLY suggest you pick two that best fit your book.
  • If ready please provide: ebook cover Please email with your epub or pdf file. *epub does work best*